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Criminal Law

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Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence forms a large part of our law office agenda.

Victims of crime

In our law office we have long-time and intensive experience in representing the injured and victims of crime.

Compensation for damages

Have you become a victim of a traffic accident? Has your car been stolen? Have you been affected by crime? Have you been waiting for settlement of insurance claims?

The European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Constitutional Court

Thanks to numerous experiences in representing our clients before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg we can offer you comprehensive legal representation before these institutions.

Civil Law

Within a wide scope of civil law we offer you representation in the following issues: e.g. law of lease, real estate law, inheritance law, disputes relating to payment of debts, representation of members of a condominium, etc.

The main principles of our law office include an unceasing fight for respecting procedural rights of the clients, respecting their interests, achieving high performance and seeking all possible ways of how to promote the clients´ rights and requirements.
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