Victims of Crime

In our law office we have long-time and intensive experience in representing the injured and victims of crime.

In accordance with Act no. 5/2013 coll., on victims of crime, we can ensure maximum protection of the victim's rights, award the status of a vulnerable victim, ask for a representative paid by the state, and we help the victims to prevent secondary victimization (i.e. secondary harm caused by the criminal prosecution in progress). We seek compensation from offenders.

Our specialization includes legal assistance within application for a benefit for victims of crime to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

Lucie Hrdá has lectured on the issue of representation of victims of crime at the Czech Bar Association within the training of lawyers and trainee lawyers. She is currently lecturing on domestic violence and approach to victims of crime for lawyers, as well as judges, state prosecutors, and police officers and other members of the state’s executive forces.

Information for victims of sexual violence

If you are a victim of sexual crime, don’t worry, you are certainly entitled to get help, if you want to.

Please inform your doctor about what happened, so that any eventual injuries can be described well and recorded in your medical report. You can also contact any of the organisations helping the victims psychologically, so that sexual violence leaves no big scars on your mental state.

Naturally, it is only up to you if you want to report the offender to the police, and to file a criminal complaint against him. But if you decide to do it, you don’t have to be alone. You probably have a lot of questions as to what would happen next in such case, and what would police investigation and court proceedings mean for you.

Don’t worry, you have the right to seek help in this difficult life situation. You might not know this, but as a victim of such criminal conduct, you are entitled to receive lawyer’s assistance at the expense of the state. The lawyer will help you file a criminal complaint, and in all the other steps of the criminal proceedings. He knows how to lodge a claim for compensation for damages against the offender; he can help you get financial help for victims of crime from the Ministry of Justice. You don’t pay anything to such lawyer; his services are paid for by the state. It is a necessary help that can lead you through criminal proceedings and protect you and your rights.

Don’t be afraid and defend yourself. You are not alone in this!


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Victims of domestic violence are represented by our firm for free! The victims do not pay anything - we will arrange that all the expenses are paid by the state.
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