Compensation for damages

Have you become a victim of a traffic accident? Has your car been stolen? Have you been affected by crime? Have you been waiting for settlement of insurance claims?

Substantial part of our agenda consists of representation in the cases of compensation for damages (caused by traffic accidents, in health care system, damages for maladministration, etc.)

We a have long-time experience in negotiation with insurance companies, filing claims for the compensation for damages, including claiming compensation for damages caused by state authorities and public authorities due to unlawful decisions or failure to act or maladministration.

We will be happy to assist you in enforcing your claims so that you get your damages paid as soon as possible and you can return to your everyday life.

We also specialize in claiming damages due to incorrectly performed surgeries and medical procedures and medical malpractice in hospitals.

We cooperate with experts from many branches thanks to whom we can consider whether claiming damages is worthy or not.


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