Civil Law

Within a wide scope of civil law we offer you representation in the following issues: e.g. law of lease, real estate law, inheritance law, disputes relating to payment of debts, representation of members of a condominium, etc.

Settlement of property relationships between former spouses, partners in trading companies, co-owners of real estates and others form an important area as well.

We believe that most disputes can be settled by means of negotiation and agreement between the parties to the dispute. We can represent you in negotiation with an adverse party, assist you in making an agreement on settlement, agreement on acknowledgement of a debt, etc. However, if this effort does not reach the objective, we are ready to represent you before court with the necessary care your dispute requires.

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Legal representation in enforcing the obligations that have already been recognized by a court (e.g. payment of a debt, maintenance, performance of the obligation to render a property to an owner) is a matter of course.
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