Family Law

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We have an extensive practice of providing legal services in the issues of maintenance duty (towards minors and adults, spouses, and divorced spouses), divorce (contested and uncontested), regulation of visiting rights (including prohibition of any contacts), allowances for the maintenance of an unmarried mother, guardianship, etc.

We approach the family law cases in a comprehensive manner, i.e. we resolve not only the divorce itself but also the upbringing and maintenance of children, settlement of community property of spouses, rights and obligations of possible cohabitation after divorce, etc.

In family issues we have experience in representing all parties to a dispute. We are ready to try to negotiate with the adverse party and if the adversary is not willing to compromise, then we will represent you before court.

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We believe that the motto “Good lawyer = good investment into your future” applies just to the issue of divorce and disputes concerning children.
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